Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Amazing Feat

Lemon has amazed us for 3 nights in a row now (yes 3 nights, so it is a bit unbelievable I haven't caught it on camera yet). I got the dogs bones, and Lemon just goes crazy over them. She LOVES her bones. I let her chew on it for 15-20 minutes, and then I take the bones away and put them on the fireplace mantle to be enjoyed at a later date. Lemon, knowing they're up there, started out putting her feet up on the hearth (am I getting my fireplace vocab right? hearth is the thing you can sit on...) and sniff the air for the bones. But THEN, she figured out that she gets a teensy bit closer if she just stands, feet in the air and sniffs for them. So that is what she'll do, just pop up on her back feet, paws in begging pose, little nose in the air, and stand there, swaying back and forth for a few seconds (and if you really think about it, a few seconds is a long time). I find this incredibly unusual behavior for a Berner, at least compared to the 2 Berners we have. Berners aren't typically known for that kind of agility. Chris, of course, thinks his little girl is "brilliant", "talented", and "just the cutest thing ever," among other over the top adjectives. I'm going to have to start agreeing that she is at least smart enough to be coniving. Whenever she does this cute standing manuever, Chris gets up and gets her bone for her. "Ohhhh... Pito wants her bone back, doesn't she?"

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