Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Socialization

I was very happy with Lemon this weekend. She took her first boat trip to an outdoor restaurant down at the Ozarks. First, she pranced right onto the boat like she has been taking boat rides every day of her life. She was never nervous or afraid, just stood on the floor, looking over the side at the water below. Fabulous! This was also her first time going to an Ozark restaurant, which tend to be especially crowded and loud on holiday weekends. Again, she did a great job. Tail never stopped wagging. She greeted every person who approached her happily and enthusiastic to recieve pets. It is a relief to have such an outgoing, happy-go-lucky Berner. Hilga is always open to pets, but gets very nervous in new situations. Jackson lets people pet him, but he typically never enjoys touches from strangers. He always looks at me like "mom, who is this person touching me????" Little Lemon goes crazy when anyone approaches, I worry she'll take off in flight her tail is wagging so hard.

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