Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Xmas Part 4: Gus

Xmas Part 3: The Presents

Xmas Part 2: Jackson Helps Chris Open His Stocking

Chris has quite the helper as he opened his stocking this year. Here is the photo series of Jackson double checking all of the gifts to make sure Santa hadn't accidentally put one of his presents in Chris's stocking.

Xmas Part 1: Initial Stocking Excitement


Below is a photo of Gus, our first BARC foster and most recent Berner foster. He is a puppy mill turnover as a result of Prop B passing in Missouri. Most likely, we will see a lot more Berners being turned over to rescue as a result of the new legislation. But, for the Berners that is great news! Gus is a sweet guy who is still getting use to being loved on and the daily happenings of a house. He is progressing quickly though, and his absolute favorite thing to do is snuggle on the bed. More pictures to come later.

More Kitten Pictures

The kittens have been adopted. I dropped them off on a Friday afternoon and they were adopted within 3 hours. They were very cute, so little surprise there. Jsut thought I'd post some more cute pictures to remember them by!

HBMDC Tracking Event

I'm a little behind on the blog, so I'll upload a few pictures today. Last month we attended a tracking seminar with the HBMDC. It was a lot of fun, and definitely something we're intereted in doing with our dogs in the future. Pictures of the seminar:

There were puppies there to socialize and play with:

For a while I thought Jackson was a tracking genuis until he ran straight past the end article, and I realized he just wanted to pee on the haybale that happened to be 10 feet past the end of his track. He may stick to obedience for a while.

Lemon is actually our little tracking genius, or she will be with some training. I think it is a good activity for her to do with Chris. She always has her little nose on the ground sniffing out something, so perhaps this is something she will persue in the future.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Dog Ate My....

Today Lemon found a wonderful cardboard tube to chew on. I say it was Lemon... Chris claims it was Jackson, but since he doesn't take the time to write the blog and I know my boy would never do such a thing, I can almost certainly say it was Lemon. What was unfortunate was the contents of the tube... It just so happened to be my certificate as a licensed attorney in the state of Kansas, signed by the Kansas Supreme Court judges. The dark spots in the picture below are teeth punctures. I had brought it downstairs last night for it to be framed for my new office, never suspecting Lemon would see an opportunity. Oh well, these things happen. It is still better than the time she chewed up my favorite shoes.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Kittys Are Here!

I picked up our two new fosters, tiny and cute little kittens. They're probably only 4 weeks old, barely weaned. They were drywalled into a house and skinny, but they're happy and brave little things. They haven't so much as winced at the Berners. The Berners are a hoot. Hilga is pretty chill about the whole thing. Jackson LOVES them, and we have to watch him closely or else he could love them to death. He wants to lick them and sit close to them. He would love to be a mama, poor guy. Lemon is afraid of them... little 1 pound tiny things. Chris is convinced they hissed at her and the fear is warranted. I can only roll my eyes at our 80 lb baby.

Our bad news is that Lizzy was placed yesterday, then 5 hours later I got a phone call saying it wasn't working out. Her adopter was an elderly man who certainly had the heart for her, but wasn't physically capable of handling her. Sad and somewhat traumatic for Miss Lizzy Bizzy, but she is back safe and sound in our house tonight. Tomorrow a slightly younger couple is coming to look at her, so hopefully that goes a bit better. Fostering through an all-breed rescue is much more stressful than the Berner rescue. At the Berner rescue, our chair is also a breeder, has experience placing dogs and with a low in-take, she is able to be choosey and place dogs in the dogs best interest. At an all-breed, part of what they want to do is move dogs. Despite my reservations about the adopter because I ddn't think he would be able to physically handle her (which turned out to be right on), they still went through with the adoption. We may end up fostering only cats through this rescue. The dogs take a lot out of me... I don't think any homes are good enough for Lizzy.

Pictures of Hilga and Jackson with the no-name kittens (notice Lemon isn't to be seen, hiding somewhere...):

Sunday, October 3, 2010