Monday, November 30, 2009

More Pics from Springfield

Lemmie showing on Saturday, still working on stacking. She seems to hold still better with a target:

Diane and handsome Fisher man:

Teasor looking beautiful for her point:
And Ruckus, gorgeous as always:

What judge wouldn't place all three of them? In order, Ruckus as Best of Breed, Fisher as Best of Winners, Teasor as Winners Bitch:

Lemmie getting ready for the fun match:

Chris getting ready for the fun match:

Jackson getting ready for the fun match:

One of the goldens looking on, so cute:

Jackson at the fun match:

This is Lemon's 1/2 sister at the fun match:

Lemon and Chris, showing their stuff:

Cute, cute St. Bernard puppy:

Newfie pups:

And my cute, cute pups:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Antlers Chews

I've been wanting antler chews for the dogs for a while, but they're expensive! One of our friends who hunts found an antler naturally dropped in the woods and gave it to us! Chris cut it into three pieces, and the dogs LOVE them! After a day of hard chewing, they're no worse for the wear. Lemmie is a tad annoying, as she wants all 3 pieces, or at least whichever antler Jackson has. Poor Jackson...

Another Modeling Picture

I got the disc in the mail today with all his pictures on it. This one is my favorite!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Springfield Show

We were in Springfield, MO this last weekend for a show. Only Lemmie showed, and no big wins this weekend. We did have a blast though. Jeff and Diane were there, and they swept up all the wins in goldens on Saturday, and went on to group. All of the pictures below are from the fun match, which was great. More pictures to come eventually. Chris took in Lemon and they had a lot of fun together. I took Jack in since he was throwing a temper tantrum out in the moho. He didn't quite understand why it wasn't about him this weekend!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One little piggy...

Definitely some creepy eyes, but here is Lemon's piggy costume. I've got more pictures of the three of them together that I haven't uploaded yet.