Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Kittys Are Here!

I picked up our two new fosters, tiny and cute little kittens. They're probably only 4 weeks old, barely weaned. They were drywalled into a house and skinny, but they're happy and brave little things. They haven't so much as winced at the Berners. The Berners are a hoot. Hilga is pretty chill about the whole thing. Jackson LOVES them, and we have to watch him closely or else he could love them to death. He wants to lick them and sit close to them. He would love to be a mama, poor guy. Lemon is afraid of them... little 1 pound tiny things. Chris is convinced they hissed at her and the fear is warranted. I can only roll my eyes at our 80 lb baby.

Our bad news is that Lizzy was placed yesterday, then 5 hours later I got a phone call saying it wasn't working out. Her adopter was an elderly man who certainly had the heart for her, but wasn't physically capable of handling her. Sad and somewhat traumatic for Miss Lizzy Bizzy, but she is back safe and sound in our house tonight. Tomorrow a slightly younger couple is coming to look at her, so hopefully that goes a bit better. Fostering through an all-breed rescue is much more stressful than the Berner rescue. At the Berner rescue, our chair is also a breeder, has experience placing dogs and with a low in-take, she is able to be choosey and place dogs in the dogs best interest. At an all-breed, part of what they want to do is move dogs. Despite my reservations about the adopter because I ddn't think he would be able to physically handle her (which turned out to be right on), they still went through with the adoption. We may end up fostering only cats through this rescue. The dogs take a lot out of me... I don't think any homes are good enough for Lizzy.

Pictures of Hilga and Jackson with the no-name kittens (notice Lemon isn't to be seen, hiding somewhere...):

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