Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday Lemon!!!

Lemon turned 1 year old on December 26th. Poor thing's birthday got a bit overlooked in all the Christmas hoop-lah, but she got plenty of hoop-lah with the whole Christmas celebration so I'm sure she is okay with it. We're excited to hit the year mark. She is still itty bitty baby girl, although slowly maturing!


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kansas Blizzard

A blizzard hit Kansas on Christmas Eve, and it's still snowing 2 days later. Very unusual weather for Kansas. I can't remember ever having this much snow, and the puppies are loving it! We're having a hard time getting Lemon to come inside! You can see from the pictures that the drifts in places are at least 3 feet deep. It is a hoot watching them bound, wade, roll, and just lay in the snow.

Papa's Birthday

The puppies got Chris a birthday card for his 25th birthday to thank him for everything he does for them (play, buy food, etc...). You can see what the card says below. After Chris got the card in the evelope, he showed it to Jackson, who, very uncharacteristically, grabbed the card, ran into the other room and started shredding it to pieces. I'm worried I may have been putting words into his mouth...

Halloween (better late than never)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Etiquette for Dogs

Saw this on one of the list-servs and thought it was cute:

Holiday Etiquette for Dogs

1. Be especially patient with your humans during this time. They may appear to be more stressed out than usual, and they will appreciate long comforting dog leans.

2. They may come home with large bags of things they call gifts. Most of this stuff is not for you...

3. Be tolerant if your humans put decorations on you. They seem to get some special kind of pleasure out of seeing how you look with fake antlers.

4. They may bring a large tree into the house and set it up in a prominent place and cover it with lights and decorations. Bizarre as this may seem to you, it is an important ritual for your humans, so there are something you need to know:

--Don't lift your left on the tree.
--Don't drink water in the container that holds the tree.
--Mind your tail when you're near the tree.
--If there are packages under the tree, even ones that smell interesting or that have your name on them, don't rip them open.
--Don't chew on the cord that runs from the funny-looking hole in the wall to the tree.

5. Your humans may occasionally invite lots of strangers to come visit during this season. These parties can be lots of fun, but you have to mind your manners or your humans will lock you up:

--Not all strangers appreciate kisses and leans.
--Don't eat off the buffet table.
--Beg for goodies subtly.
--Be pleasant, even if unknowing strangers sit on your couch.
--Don't drink out of glasses that are left within your reach.

6. Likewise, your humans may take you visiting. Here your manners will also be important:

--Observe all the rules in #4 for trees that may be in other people's houses.
--Respect the territory of other canines and felines that may live in the house.
--Go easy on the kids in the house.

7. On December 24th, a big man with a white beard and a very loud laugh may emerge from your fireplace in the middle of the night. DON'T BITE HIM!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Belleville Results

Jackson is now major pointed! He took a major on Sunday, so now we only need one more major and one more minor point for him to finish! Lemon, despite having a gimpy week, took major reserve on Sunday as well, which is pretty exciting! Congrats to Tracey and Chan's puppy girl Ziva who took a major both days and BOB on Saturday. Pretty impressive stuff for a little girl!! Very fun weekend in all, and great to get together with all of our Berner friends. A little bit of a stressful trip home... we didn't make it more than a block when a belt broke in the motor home. Chris did something under the hood and we started a nerve racking trip home, driving into snow! BUT, we made it safe and sound. Now the Berners are resting up from a long weekend of being beautiful (and crazy), and I'm getting the book out to get ready for finals!

Friday, December 4, 2009


We're leaving in a few hours for Belleville, and I'm hoping Jackson comes home with two majors to his name. It has been a stressful week, with the show being the weekend before my finals start and Lemon injuring a front leg on top of it. As Lemon is needed to make the major, we've been doing everything possible to get her leg better so she'll ready for this weekend (and of course so that she'll feel better). Poor thing has barely been out of her crate all week, but it looks like her limp is gone, or at least almost gone, so the rest has been good for her.