Monday, December 7, 2009

Belleville Results

Jackson is now major pointed! He took a major on Sunday, so now we only need one more major and one more minor point for him to finish! Lemon, despite having a gimpy week, took major reserve on Sunday as well, which is pretty exciting! Congrats to Tracey and Chan's puppy girl Ziva who took a major both days and BOB on Saturday. Pretty impressive stuff for a little girl!! Very fun weekend in all, and great to get together with all of our Berner friends. A little bit of a stressful trip home... we didn't make it more than a block when a belt broke in the motor home. Chris did something under the hood and we started a nerve racking trip home, driving into snow! BUT, we made it safe and sound. Now the Berners are resting up from a long weekend of being beautiful (and crazy), and I'm getting the book out to get ready for finals!

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