Thursday, February 26, 2009

9 Weeks Already!!

Time goes so fast! I can't believe its already been two weeks. Hopefully you can see from these pictures how fast she's growing!!!

She loves to snuggle with Jackson (Berner type snuggle where they lay close, but not so close as to over heat):

Using Jackson's tail as a pillow:

Kara and Mike came over to meet Lemon:

She has started a new thing where she likes to crawl onto Jack and Hilga's backs, probably so she have more leverage to bite them. They aren't sure what to think about it, but continue to tolerate her:

Does she look bigger?

Movie Night:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Some more pictures...

Kara and Mike came over this weekend to meet Lemon. We were hoping to get some cute posed pictures of her, but it is pretty impossible to get a puppy to hold still. So, Kara took some good action shots! Thanks for the pictures Kara! (I have some pictures of Kara and Mike with Lemon that I'll post once I get them loaded from my camera.) These are the some of the pictures Kara took:

Notice she likes to bite Jackson and Hilga's feet as much as she likes to bite out feet and pant legs (she is something of a terror):

Although you'd never guess it...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Her name is officially Lemon!!!

Puppy's First Party!

We left puppy at home fora couple of hours for the first time last night to go watch our friend, Kate, get inducted into the Hall of Fame at our high school. She was definitely not a fan and was happy to see us when we got home! Later, a bunch of people came we got to work on socialization and she got to meet some of the people who, I'm sure, will become some of her favorite people in the world! They say that 8-12 weeks is the most important socialization time, and your puppy should meet at least 4 new people a day during that time period. I think Miss Puppy hit that quota and beyond. She is doing great...very outgoing and brave (although very sleepy last night).

Everyone is too tired to party!

Getting loved on by Amanda (we like the look of the bright pink):

Giving kisses to Brandon:

Posing with her Uncle Nick and Spencer and Auntie Sarah!!

Wondering who the guy with the cheesy smile is...

Friday, February 20, 2009


Last night Jackson had his last introduction to agility class. I was so proud of him! He was playing with the training teeter and walking along the training balance beam right along with the Westie and the Aussies (even better than some of them). I'm not sure if we'll keep taking the class or not, as I don't have any huge aspirations for him to become an agility dog. We took it more for socialization and fun, but it did remind me how smart he is and how easily he trains. So anyway, I was really proud of him!
I am also really impressed with both him and Hilga and the patience they are showing to the new puppy. She has a tendency to bark in faces, chew on their ears, bite their feet when they walk... and neither of them has let even a little grumble slip. They occasionally look at me wearily (especially Hilga), but they are such good sports about it. Hilga usually just walks away and finds a couch out of reach. Jackson usually lays down and takes it. It is a bit easier for Jackson, who is very interested in the puppy and what she is doing. They both get a bit jealous. Jackson has become significantly more cuddly in the past few days, which I don't complain about. What's the point of having a huge dog if he won't sit on your lap and keep you warm at 5:00 in the morning when the house is still cold but you're already up because the puppy is up? Anyways, I've just been so impressed with how gentle they are and how tolerant they are being of puppy mischief.
I remember when Jackson was a puppy, he would wake up early in the morning and start whimpering. Chris and I would lie as still as possible and hope that he would settle back down for another 30 minutes or hour. Not an option with two big dogs. As soon as the puppy lets out her first squeak in the morning, Jackson jumps down off the bed to investigate. As soon as she sees Jackson, she goes from a squeak to full fledged crying/yelping/barking. So much for laying perfectly still... Maybe Jackson will catch on.
One of the things I love about the breed...already she wants to be everywhere I am. Of course it gets to be a lot when you have two big dogs following you around everywhere and you're dragging one little dog who is attached to your pant leg, but I do appreciate that she is already very into human company. You can see her reaction to being left outside for a few minutes:

Finally, all three of them together when I actually had the camera close by:

Of course Hilga didn't stick around too long...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still doesn't have a name...

Surprisingly regal...

I love this picture:

Still loving her bed:

She fits right into our house. We're not sure if she is a KU fan because that is the shoe she chose, or if she hates KU since she's trying to destroy it:

Too cute!

About as close as Hilga likes to get...she'd hate to give the puppy the idea that she likes her:

The puppy has figured out there is also food in Hilga's bowl, one more reason for Hilga not to be a fan:

She literally hangs by her neck once she gets up there since she can't really reach, see her arm dangling there? Chris thinks its the cutest thing ever. I think she needs to start learning how we each have seperate food bowls:

Big thanks to Uncle Spencer for puppy sitting when Chris and I both had class Wednesday night!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Starting to Settle In!!!

We still don't have a name yet. I'm waiting for Chris to decide between a few options, but for now he calls her his "Princess". She has such a little personality and is so funny. Mondays and Tuesdays Chris and I are gone all day, so she spent yesterday at my parents house and today at the Coop with Rita. She is absolutely pooped after socializing all day, and we're grateful! I'm excited to spend the day with her tomorrow!


Mom with puppy:

Dad with Puppy:

Taking a snooze on her new bed (if you notice there are actually five Berners in this picture...):

So tired after a day at the Coop:

Posing with Jack and Hilga:

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Her First Day at Home

We spent all day yesterday at the breeder's and got home really late last night. Even after convincing ourselves before we went that we wanted a quiet, laid back girl to balance out Jackson, we came home with the loudest one in the bunch. Oh well... She loves to grrr and bark at Chris. We're not sure anymore about the name, so for now we're just calling her "puppy." Jackson got to go with us to pick her out, and he loves his new puppy. Hilga is just meeting her this morning, but also seems to be on board! So pictures...

Some of the puppies:

Chris with our puppy:

Me with the puppies:

So tired after a big homecoming:

Eating breakfast with her new big brother (uncle) Jackson:

Jackson making sure his new puppy is sleeping okay:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A few more days...

Okay, so this is the first blog, and I'm just testing it out. For now I will just post a picture of Hilga and Jackson. This will be more about posting pictures of the trio than actual blogging. We're adding Miss Lemondrop to the family this weekend if all goes as planned. Pray for good weather!!