Sunday, February 15, 2009

Her First Day at Home

We spent all day yesterday at the breeder's and got home really late last night. Even after convincing ourselves before we went that we wanted a quiet, laid back girl to balance out Jackson, we came home with the loudest one in the bunch. Oh well... She loves to grrr and bark at Chris. We're not sure anymore about the name, so for now we're just calling her "puppy." Jackson got to go with us to pick her out, and he loves his new puppy. Hilga is just meeting her this morning, but also seems to be on board! So pictures...

Some of the puppies:

Chris with our puppy:

Me with the puppies:

So tired after a big homecoming:

Eating breakfast with her new big brother (uncle) Jackson:

Jackson making sure his new puppy is sleeping okay:

1 comment:

  1. Is she the cutest or what??!!!! You will have to keep us informed about the name. Is Jackson loving her, or thinking she is a nuisance. Can't wait to see the new family addition tonight.