Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still doesn't have a name...

Surprisingly regal...

I love this picture:

Still loving her bed:

She fits right into our house. We're not sure if she is a KU fan because that is the shoe she chose, or if she hates KU since she's trying to destroy it:

Too cute!

About as close as Hilga likes to get...she'd hate to give the puppy the idea that she likes her:

The puppy has figured out there is also food in Hilga's bowl, one more reason for Hilga not to be a fan:

She literally hangs by her neck once she gets up there since she can't really reach, see her arm dangling there? Chris thinks its the cutest thing ever. I think she needs to start learning how we each have seperate food bowls:

Big thanks to Uncle Spencer for puppy sitting when Chris and I both had class Wednesday night!!

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  1. so freaking looks like spence is holding a stuffed animal :)