Sunday, September 27, 2009

Plaza Art Fair

Every year in Kansas City, the plaza hosts an art fair where vendors from all over the nation come display their art on the streets of the plaza. It is always fun to walk around and see everything. This year, we took Hilga with us. The plaza was packed, but she did a great job and everyone loved her.
People just absolutely love Berners, and there probably wasn't a minute that passed the whole time we were there that people weren't asking: "what breed is she", "is that a bernese?", "is that a bermese?", "I just love tri-colored australian shepherds", "isn't she small for her breed?", "is she a puppy still?", "can I pet her?", "does she shed?"
And I said: "bernese mountain dog", "yes", "yes" (n vs. m, who cares?), smile for the australian shepherd comment, "yes, shes a bit smaller than our other two", "nope, she is 5" (Hilga certainly didn't mind people thinking she was younger than she is), "of course you can pet her, she is VERY friendly, even if a little overwhelmed", and "YES".
It is so good for Hilga to go out in situations like that, and she really did do a great job. She loves pets of any kind, even if she is more of a 'let people approach me' kind of girl. People are so interested in the breed, and I love going out and talking to people about them. I dropped the HBMDC and BARC name a lot. I also love any excuse to get the dogs out and do something interesting with them. It was a BIG night for Hilga.

Anyways, I have a couple pictures. They didn't turn out great, but here they are:


  1. She's so pretty! I had to laugh about all the questions you got asked when you took her to the fair! They were the same ones I got when I took Scout to the Farmer's market a couple weeks ago. Bernese Mtn dogs are definitely show stoppers!

  2. I can't believe you weren't asked "is that a Black Saint Bernard?"! I get that a lot! Great pics. She is so pretty!