Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trust (or lack of)

Chris will occasionally carry Lemon around the house on his shoulder, so I took a few pictures because its cute. Lemon loves it, look how relaxed she is:

Chris thought he would try Hilga as well. She isn't quite as trusting as Lemon is as you can see from the pictures. Ever since she came to live with us, if you do something with her body that she isn't comfortable with, she stiffens up and resists. We call it going into rigor mortis (a little morbid I know). When you try to push her over on the bed, she stiffens her legs and pushes back. When I trim her feet (I flip them over on their backs to trim their feet with their heads in my lap), her legs go totally stiff, straight up in the air. So, we weren't surprised to see her go all rigor mortis when Chris lifted her up on his shoulders.
Chris thought it would help if he walked her around a bit... it didn't:

I challenged Chris that he wouldn't be able to carry Jackson around because he was too big. Chris said that of course he could! I'd like to point out that I was right. Jackson thought he wanted to play too, but I think he realized pretty quickly that he prefers all 4 feet on the ground. I said he was like the fat girl from the Friends episode. She wants to dance on Ross's feet because all the other little girls are doing it, but she weighs to much. So sad... :
Chris sizing up Jackson...

Yep, not gonna happen...

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  1. These were cute - made me laugh! No matter how big the Berner - they still think they're a little puppy!