Monday, October 12, 2009

Lemon's First Point

We had a really fun weekend showing in Lawrence on Saturday and Sunday. We drove the moho down, and had quite the set-up with Jeff and Diane as our neighbors. Most dog-showers bring x-pens to set up around their moho to keep dogs in. Chris and I decided to go the classy, more flexible route and use green (green is much classier than orange) snow fence. Even after my practice run (done in the Cooper's yard), it was a bit of a challenge to get everything set up to perfection. But, it worked out great! We shoud have taken pictures...

Friday night, the 4 of us did a toast to at least someone getting points on Saturday, which just didn't happen. Between Lemon, Jackson, Fisher and Teazer, no winners at all, even with an overwhelming fan base. (Thanks to mom, dad, Kara, Jim, Rita, Danielle and anyone else I'm forgetting that came out to watch!!) Lemon did get reserve, and she won her puppy class, which meant she went on to puppy group, where she got second. I was convinced by Saturday night she was destined to only take 2nd place for the rest of her life (not that I'm not happy with 2nd place!).

Sunday things got much better. Fisher took Winner's Dog! Lemon got her first point going Winner's Bitch. She was very cute, and is finally stacking and letting the judge check her teeth (big winner in itself!). The judge pretty much said she wanted to put Lemon up for Best of Breed, but she gave Jack the cross-over and put Jackson up as Best of Breed. Jack went on to group, but didn't do anything there placement wise except be very well-behaved and beautiful (minus a very short barking incident).

We are having a few issues with barking in the ring. If you know my dogs, that isn't hard to imagine. It always gets a few laughs when they bark, and I'm trying to convince my dogs they are models, not comedians. It isn't a big deal to bark once or twice, as long as they are cute and not totally distracting. The best bark of the weekend was in puppy group, the judge was making cuts, and said "I'll keep the Bernese", which Lemon followed with a very low, cute bark. Everyone laughed. That I'm okay with. Jackson barking on the down and back during group with the grown up, professionally handled dogs in the ring... not a fan of! But poor Jackson, what can you do when you've got that much personality?

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