Thursday, May 6, 2010

One More Day

I thought I would be going crazy with excitement when we were only one day from leaving for specialty and vacation, but as always, time has gotten away from me. I spent the week leading up to finals (2 weeks ago) bragging to my law school friends that I had no finals during my last semester of law school. I then have spent the last 2 weeks writing like crazy to finish my writing requirement (thesis) that I procrastinated a bit on. That means it is Thursday afternoon and my paper has still not been submitted. The motor home is not cleaned or packed. The groceries have not been bought. The dogs have not been fact their shampoo has not even arrived (I guess Fed-Ex lost track of time as well). The house has not been cleaned in preparation of my graduation bbq on the day of our return. The yard has not been mowed in preparation for a week away from the house. The new motor home parts have not been installed. And so on... I may be up late tonight, but I fully plan on having all of those things done before 5:00 pm tomorrow afternoon. Lets hope Fed-ex shows up at some point...

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