Monday, May 17, 2010

National Post #1

Where to start? I'll put a few posts up, trying to include some vents from each day from the past week with pictures to follow. My grandfather passed away on Friday, so Chris and I decided not to leave for Oconomowac until Tuesday afternoon following the funeral in Preston, MO. Before the funeral, we spent a day at Pomme de Terre State Park. It was a lovely state park and the first time we've stayed at one. Unfortunately it was raining quite a bit so we didn't get to do too much, but while walking the dogs we saw plenty of wildlife: a beaver, jumping fish, geese, deer and lots of birds.

Tuesday we started the drive for Oconomowac and made it to the campsite around 2:00 in the morning. Poor Hilga is all nerves in the motor home and sat for the entire 11 hour drive, never laying down or going to sleep. I could tell she was feeling stiff the next few days when she was limping around, but she is feeling fine now. We were supposed to show Lemon in puppy sweeps on Wednesday, but ended up deciding to pull her. Instead, we slept in on Wednesday, checked in at the show, set up our grooming area, watched some events, did some shopping, checked out the team obedience, and just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. Wednesday evening we set up a practice rally course at the campsite, which Jackson and his friends Zac and Mac practiced with him. Then we enjoyed a bbq with friends, despite the rain.

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