Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gardner Show

A few weeks back we were in Gardner for a show. I totally forgot to post pics, but here they are. Thanks Mom for taking pictures!! That was the show where Jack got his RN. Jeff and Diane were there as well, so there are some pictures of those strange golden colored Berners.

Diane w/ Ruckus who took a Group 2 on Saturday:

Me with Fisher who took Best of Winners both days. He definitely taught me something that weekend about handling. On Saturday I was struggling with him because he didn't want anything to do with me. On Sunday, Jeff was watching me bait him and made a comment about the teeny, tiny pieces of chicken I was giving him. I tried giving him a big chunk, and it was love! With the Berners, I give them such tiny chunks, that sometimes they don't even notice if I don't give them anything at all.

Jackson watching the goldens show before he goes in for rally:

Jack in rally:

The motor home set-up with Jeff and Diane:

Grooming Jack:

Showing Lemon:

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