Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Very Snowy Weekend!

As I posted last week, we were in Des Moines this past weekend for a dog show. There was a major for the boys both days, but no such luck. Jack is so close to getting finished, we just have to keep trying! I was so proud of him though. It was definitely his best show so far. He looked beautiful and showed wonderfully! I wish I had some pictures of the show, but here is Hilga being cute/anxious in the front seat of the moho during a stop on the trip there:
More excitement came from the non-show parts of the weekend. We hit bad weather on the way to Des Moines. I guess up north on I-35 when the weather gets bad they don't allow tow trucks to come in. That means as we were driving, every few miles we would pass wrecked cars, cars that had run off the road, cars upside down in the median. Very bizzare to see, and very spooky! Lemon gets a tad clingy to Hilga when we get anxious:
We made it to Des Moines safely, although with a ton of snow! It was a pretty cold weekend in the moty hoty, but the dogs were loving it!
On the way home, we hit more bad weather. I set up all the crates in the back for extra safety for the dogs, but they could still feel my anxiety on the trip home. Hilga threw up twice. We had a very scary incident where we hit a patch of ice on I-35 and didn't think we were going to get stopped in time to avoid an accident. After that, we decided to call it quits for the night, and we pulled over at a truck stop in Cameron, MO.
After that, things got better. We went and got dinner and drinks at the truckstop bar, "Bar" as you can see from the sign. We were able to plug a space heater into the big sign, but got pretty cold as Chris wanted to save the propane for a "real emergency." But, we ended up having a lot of fun hanging out in Cameron. By Monday, the roads were fine and we made it home without a problem (except for frozen poop, which I won't go into.)

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  1. Sounds like it was a scary drive! Glad you and all the pups are okay!