Monday, November 30, 2009

More Pics from Springfield

Lemmie showing on Saturday, still working on stacking. She seems to hold still better with a target:

Diane and handsome Fisher man:

Teasor looking beautiful for her point:
And Ruckus, gorgeous as always:

What judge wouldn't place all three of them? In order, Ruckus as Best of Breed, Fisher as Best of Winners, Teasor as Winners Bitch:

Lemmie getting ready for the fun match:

Chris getting ready for the fun match:

Jackson getting ready for the fun match:

One of the goldens looking on, so cute:

Jackson at the fun match:

This is Lemon's 1/2 sister at the fun match:

Lemon and Chris, showing their stuff:

Cute, cute St. Bernard puppy:

Newfie pups:

And my cute, cute pups:

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