Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lemon's First Show Exposure

We took Lemon out to a show in Gardner this weekend just to get used to the environment. It can be pretty overwhelming, even for a well-socialized puppy. People and dogs everywhere, blow-dryers going, tables clanging, etc... She did great! Chris and I were so proud of her. Her breeder was there showing one of her dogs, and Lemon's sister was also there! They were so cute together and looked a lot alike! Pictures:

Lemon is a hoot/annoying in the car. She has quite the sense of entitlement and thinks she deserves to be up front with the people. In a compromise, we sometimes let her climb on middle console. She lays spread eagle with her tummy on the console and her back feet hanging off the back:

This is Dawn's boy Forrest getting ready to go into the ring for best in breed (which he won):

Here is Lemon hanging out with her sister Lily:

And a picture of Lily up close, don't they look alike?

Here is Forrest in Group:

And some of the other dogs in group:

BIG Great Dane:

Lemon talking to the camera:

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