Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The one is for Sarah!

My friend Sarah has been giving me a hard time about not posting lately, so here is a post of pictures, and hopefully I can get back into this! I'm not really the scrapbooking type, so I was hoping I would be able to keep up the blog, and then use that to make a scrapbook of her first year eventually (ahh...good intentions).

If you want to put clothes on them, you've got to do it while they're still small enough that they make clothes to fit them (she really is our "top dog"):

You think he wants some attention?

Lemon does the cutest thing. She loves to climb up on the fireplace and lay down. You makes a great decoration:

Sorry, the camera is on some weird setting for all of the next pictures. But, you can see how big she's getting. Chris and I were comparing pictures yesterday, just looking at how long her legs are compared to the little stumps she came with at 8 weeks:

Getting close to too big to pick up, but not quite yet (and Chris claims he can still pick up Jackson if the need ever arises...for Jack's sake I hope it never does):

Look how big she is! There are a couple pictures just like this earlier in the blog if you want to compare:

Playing outside:
The next picture I am thrilled about (not the picture, but the situation)! When we had Hannah, our foster, Hilga was like a different dog. Her and Jackson had never played together (not for lack of trying on Jack's part). When Hannah was here, Hilga was playing and happy, and just really came out of her shell. When we placed Hannah in a home, Hilga had a set back, and was probably a bit more mopey than she was to begin with. I was hoping by adding another little girl, Hilga might perk up a bit and play. At first Hilga wasn't really sure about the little thing we brough home, but now she is playing! Just last night I caught Hilga and Lemon playing tug of war with a toy. That was only the second time I have ever seen a toy in Hilga's mouth! So this is a picture of all three of them playing in the back yard (you can see Hilga is right in the mix):

And this is a video of them playing a little bit. You can see how happy Hilga is:

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  1. Kelli - they are adorable - and it looks like they are really having fun together.