Monday, May 25, 2009

Jeff is SOOOO 50!!!!

We had a big Cooper birthday celebration at the lake this weekend. On May 29th, Jeff turns 50 and I turn 24. The pictures should explain it all. More pictures to come of general Memorial Day weekend fun!

Jim's tribute; inspired by Jeff's "Rita is 50" and Chris's question "Rita is so what?":

Amazing cakes (Murphy and Jackson heads):

Wait... were there 2 cakes? Oh no, this is a cheese ball creation (there is a 24 cheese ball as well):

Shrimp Daddy's Celebration:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lemon's First Show Exposure

We took Lemon out to a show in Gardner this weekend just to get used to the environment. It can be pretty overwhelming, even for a well-socialized puppy. People and dogs everywhere, blow-dryers going, tables clanging, etc... She did great! Chris and I were so proud of her. Her breeder was there showing one of her dogs, and Lemon's sister was also there! They were so cute together and looked a lot alike! Pictures:

Lemon is a hoot/annoying in the car. She has quite the sense of entitlement and thinks she deserves to be up front with the people. In a compromise, we sometimes let her climb on middle console. She lays spread eagle with her tummy on the console and her back feet hanging off the back:

This is Dawn's boy Forrest getting ready to go into the ring for best in breed (which he won):

Here is Lemon hanging out with her sister Lily:

And a picture of Lily up close, don't they look alike?

Here is Forrest in Group:

And some of the other dogs in group:

BIG Great Dane:

Lemon talking to the camera:

Monday, May 11, 2009

Beautiful Day in KC

We had a PERFECT weather day today. So, after doing some yard work, I pulled the baby pool out to let the dogs play for a while and then we got the grooming table out to practice with Lemon. Jackson loves to splash around and dig at the water. Lemon is still making up her mind. I hope she likes water since we spend so much time at the lake. Jacks LOVES the grooming table, Hilga tolerates it, and Lemon still doesn't know what to think. She is not a fan of the dryer, but seems happy enough to be up on the table and getting attention. Pictures...

This is Jack cooling off on the new tiled laundry room floor. Chris is glad someone around here appreciates his hard work!